Whining & Crying


Why Do Dogs Whine?

Whining is common in puppies as a form of communication used in a litter even before the pups’ eyes are open. It usually indicates distress, fear or pain.

In the adult dog however, whining is most often a form of attention seeking. We often see this displayed at the back door or when the dog is confined, or simply not receiving the desired amount of attention from the owner. It is reinforced when the dog receives the desired attention.

Treatment Options

  • Ignore the behaviour until the dog gives up. (Ask your trainer about extinction bursts when trying this method)
  • Spend quality time with your dog
  • Reward your dog for being quiet
  • Corrections – such as a water squirt bottle
  • Vet check if a physical problem is suspected
  • Provide environment enrichment for the dog such as interactive or food dispensing toys
  • Be careful not to accidently reward your dog for whining by giving him any attention when he is whining or directly after he stops.




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