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Training Matters is the comprehensive guide to how your dog thinks and the best way to help them learn what you want, FAST.

First, get a great understanding of how dog’s learn and then read on as I show you how to apply that to your day to day lives without having to set aside a lot of training time day to day and how to teach commands with just a short training session every other day. 

All explained in SIMPLE, easy to understand terms.

Obedience isn’t just for show. It will help your dog to focus on you, even around distractions and become a better listener.

Learn how to teach obedience commands with simple step by step instructions and in a way that is FUN and EASY.

And when your dog WANTS to listen to you, everything else becomes EASIER.

If you’re ready to transform your dog’s behaviour NOW, you’ll want to grab this ebook.


You can now get the ebook with bonus video lessons to SHOW you how to get started and have the concepts explained by me on video.

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Tenille is a miracle worker! I bought this ebook so that I could continue to train my dogs at home, knowing that Tenille’s methods are easy to follow and truly work! Tenille offers easy to understand dialogue and I love the fact that she also addresses the issues that may arise if you’re just not getting it right or your dog just won’t follow along. I highly recommend this wonderful resource to all dog owners!

Anna Grebenshikoff