The quiet time of year


“I better offer some extra services apart from training. It’s the quiet time of year.”

Is it the quiet time of year for you?

Whether it’s that people are on holiday, they’re spending all their money on other things, the weather is too hot, the weather is too cold, there is no time like the present to find a reason that things won’t work out.

At the time of writing this, it’s December and the lead up to Christmas is on.

And amongst the trainers I speak to I have seen the full spectrum from those who are struggling to find clients and are admitting defeat because it’s the quiet time of year, and those who are having their biggest financial month on record less than half way into the month.

Skip to January. Everyone is recovering from Christmas.

Skip to February. People are busy getting back into the swing of things.

March. Everyone is still broke from the holidays.

April. People are going away for Easter.

May. Okay things are picking up! But oh no the weather is changing.

…. You get the idea.

The difference between those who are barely surviving and those who are thriving is that some focus on excuses and some focus on possibility.

We can create our own economy. We don’t have to run our businesses at the mercy of local trends, holidays or the weather.

We can look for reasons why not or we can look for reasons why.

The truth is whatever we focus on is what we will create more of.

Perhaps this month is the perfect month to run a special promotion. Could you include an expiring special bonus?

If enquiries are low – what can you do to put yourself out there and be found? And how can you incentivise people to take the next step and contact you?

Once they contact you, can you improve your presentation?

If you’re not busy seeing clients, then get busy finding them.

Here’s a free list of 62 ideas to get you started. And don’t forget: you can try them more than once.

Here’s to a prosperous month!


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