The Benefits of Training Your Dog


The benefits of training your dog  

Training has many benefits and whether you have an adult dog or a puppy, you should begin training with your dog the day you bring him or her home.

1. It Increases the bond between human and dog:

Kind training increases the bond between human and dog and teaches your dog to trust you and look to you as a leader. It opens up a clear way to communicate to each other and helps you to learn to understand your dog’s body language and needs.

2. You can easily manage any behaviour problems

Regular training allows you to set clear rules and boundaries for your dog to follow. Training also sets the groundwork required to prevent and more easily manage any behaviour problems which may arise.

3. It provides mental stimulation to the dog

Another very important aspect of dog training is that it provides mental stimulation to the dog. When a dog is thinking and problem solving, he is getting valuable mental exercise and this can help to settle him if he has excess energy. You can even replace a walk with some training sessions on rainy days or when you can’t get out for a walk for some other reason.

Once your dog has mastered the basics, you can start training tricks or dog sports such as agility to keep your dog mentally and physically active. Trick training is a great way to give mental stimulation and can really make a dog tired. A great way to train tricks and obedience is by using clicker training. You can find more information on how clicker training works on Dog Matters.

It is especially effective to begin training at an early age to teach the puppy to use its brain. In effect, the dog will be learning how to learn. This will then set him up to succeed in the future.

Have an older dog? No problem, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks and it’s never too late to start training!

No matter the breed or age, training is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner. Dog Matters can come to you and train in your own home with private lessons tailored to suit your needs. Weekly group classes are also an option, and are a great way to learn socialisation skills, teach manners and train your dog to ignore distractions.

Above all, make sure you keep training fun and interesting for both you and your dog. Use lots of praise and encouragement. Train when you’re in a good mood and let your dog know how happy you are when he gets it right!

If you need help at any stage along the way, Contact Us!

Happy training!




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