That’s mine! [Resource guarding and goals]

If you’ve ever met a dog that growls over food or other items, you should check out my article. Read the blog post here.

As with many dog issues, one of the most common obstacles I see get in the way of success is rushing the training – the handler wanting to reach the end goal too quickly for the pace of the dog.

Are you familiar with goal setting personally?

They say to break your goals down into small manageable pieces. The same is true with our dogs and our goals for them and their behaviours. Break it down into little achievable pieces and you’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up when you look back on it and see how much progress you’ve made.

Don’t cause yourself unneeded frustration by beating yourself up if you, “fail.”

If you do perceive a failure, see what you can learn from it rather than feeling down about it. Turn it into a lesson!

Until next time, wishing you lots of tail wags and happy cuddles


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