Testing Out Kong Products: Human vs Dog


So this isn’t a traditional product review but who want’s to be traditional?

I use and recommend many different types of interactive toys. Today I decided to test the well known Kong brand and try out some of their harder puzzle toys designed for dogs.

I wanted to provide a good review of these but also add some humour because that’s me.

So it got a little bit ridiculous! Watch as I provide some tips on environmental enrichment and put these toys to the test up against Envy, my belgian malinois. A breed renowned for chewing and destruction using their teeth!

Some of the Kong toys mentioned and tested in this video can be bought on Amazon using the direct links below:

Kong Classic

Kong Extreme

Kong Quest Bone

Kong Quest Star

Kong Wobbler

Kong Genius Mike

Kong Genius Leo

Kong Marathon

Which toy was your favourite? Who do you think won? Well obviously Envy is better than me at working these toys!

My faves were the Kong Quest Star and the Kong Genius Leo.

I figured out afterwards that the Kong Quest Star also bounces nicely!





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