Still having trouble with leash pulling?


Today I am sending you a quick video about why your dog might still be pulling on the lead, despite all the tips and tricks you’ve tried. You can watch it here on Facebook.

Thankfully, if you need more help with this, you can join the Frantic To Focused program and it will have you well and truly covered, even if your dog is pulling and lunging towards other dogs.

To summarise the main reasons dogs keep pulling, here are some quick tips:

Every time the dog moves forward with a tight leash, they feel like they have reached their goal of getting towards where they want to go. This is why the main rule of stopping leash pulling is to never follow the dog when the leash is tight (even from your house to the front door)
If your dog pulls you through the door/gate then why should they stop pulling on the walk? Work on this skill first and don’t leave the house until your dog is calm

Don’t worry about the destination, focus on the journey. When you try to keep your walk routine when your dog hasn’t been trained how to walk politely yet, you are caught in a vicious cycle of reinforcing pulling outside of training times. So use your walking time as training time and don’t worry about making it to a certain point. There might be less scenery to enjoy, but your dog is still getting both physical and mental exercise if you stay in your street for now.

Remember how your dog thinks and you’re half way there!

Woofs and wags


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