Springer Dog Bike Review


Do you hate to exercise? Are you too lazy to fit in exercise for both your dog, and yourself? Me too, that’s why I got a dog bike attachment, now I can sit there while my dogs do all the work and get their exercise. Today we’re going to be reviewing a dog bike attachment.

There’s many different types you can get, but the one I have is called a Springer dog bike attachment. The Springer is a contraption that’s strangely shaped, enough to get you many sideways glances when you’re out on your bike, even if your dog’s not with you, and if your dog is with you, you get even more head turns. It’s got this weird U shape in it which at first doesn’t seem very useful, but when you look at this spring it’s actually designed to avoid all the pulling that your dog does, and you won’t even feel it even though you’re being dragged down the street.

When it comes to attaching your dog to the Springer bike attachment, you use this really flimsy, not safe looking piece of string, you’ll attach that to your dog’s harness, and then they’re able to pull you on your bike without you pedaling at all. The string attaching to the Springer bike attachment relies on a tiny, flimsy piece of plastic that can snap at any moment, but don’t worry because you get spares included when you buy one.

To attach the Springer to the bicycle, all you need to do is get your husband or other man friend to attach the metal part thing to the bike with these nuts and bolts things, that is clearly a man’s job. Then you simply remove the pin from the Springer bike attachment, and simply slide it on, and attach the pin through the little hole until it is secure. Once you’ve got your bike attachments securely fastened, you wanna make sure your dog’s set up with a comfortable harness.

I like to choose a harness that makes your dog look fat and humiliated, if they have fur sticking out the side of it like Chester here. The next step is to attach your dog to the Springer bike attachment using that flimsy bit of string that we discussed earlier. No seriously, get something stronger. And now we’re ready to go and get our dogs exercised while we sit there and hold on for dear life. Now that we’re ready to go, there’s one thing left, and that’s safety first, always wear a helmet.

Then we’re ready to get on the bike. Don’t forget to take your breaks off. And then I suggest you start nice and slow so that you and your dog can get used to it. Let’s go. Next, just hold on for dear life and enjoy your exercise. Make sure you have good brakes. That was fun. Now you might be wondering, but Tanil, what about multi-dog households, well I’ve got good news for you, because you can get a second Springer bike attachment to go on the other side of your bike and have two dogs, three dogs, or even up to four dogs running alongside your bike, depending on how much you wanna risk your life. Let’s give it a go with two dogs.

Oh my God, oh my God.

Obviously, hopefully, this video was a bit of a spoof, but these bike attachments can actually be great for being able to run your dog alongside your bike and give them some good exercise and as they get a bit tired you’ll get some exercise as well. I do wanna point out that you can actually teach your dog to heel alongside the bike by teaching them the heel command walking first, then walking next to the bike, and then gradually speed it up if you’d rather have your dog trot along.t




  1. Mary

    Love the video Tenille! Very helpful info!

  2. Lilian Davies

    I think it is awful running a dog whilst the owner is on a bike. A dog’s pleasure on a walk is to sniff and mooch around not running without any pleasure. This is a lazy and cruel way to exercise a dog.

    • Jacque Poitevint

      Some dogs are working dogs and they need a job and using this attachment on your bike gives them a job to run and pull next to you. Of course, if you have a small dog it is not appropriate. I have huskies and they like to pull. It is born into them. If Huskies don’t get enough exercise like running several miles they get very destructive. They have a whole lot of energy. It is not cruel it is what they crave. Would you rather run several miles at a very fast speed? I don’t think you could keep up with a working dog. Please look up working dogs or the Ididarod Race that happens in Alaska every year. The dogs love this kind of exercise. I don’t know if it is legal in Australia but it is in the states. Look up Bikejoring that is a very popular sort for people who do not live in a snow area.

  3. *Bec Smart

    Haha omg hilarious but seriously cool idea

  4. Leslie

    Hi Tenille
    Do you know whether these are legal in all States of Australia? I thought I had read somewhere that tethering a dog to a bike was illegal in NSW.


    • Tenille Williams

      Some States – the wording is “you must not lead an animal next to a bicycle,” however from what I understand it’s a grey area when it comes to doing it off road. The laws are road rules by the transport department relating to traffic laws, at least from what I can understand in Queensland. On Facebook I put a disclaimer about this and about the fact that while I do show it on the road (quiet street in front of my house for a quick filming) I don’t recommend it. I usually stay on the footpaths, bike paths and grass park areas.


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