Scared it won’t work out


When you get into a car or onto a bus, train, airplane or bicycle, can you guarantee you will arrive to your destination safely

You can’t.

What if you refused to go anywhere because of this uncertainty?

You wouldn’t get to experience much in life and you’d still run the risk of tripping on a step or choking on a grape tomorrow anyway…

There’s only one certainty in life and that is that we’re all ending up at the same end point.

Some of us will be lucky to know we’re at the end after a long life, and can look back on our lives, turn to the young hot nurse beside us and tell them the same advice they’ve heard a thousand times before – “go for it.”

I’m not trying to be morbid.

The top regrets of the elderly are the things they didn’t do.

If you’re sticking to your safe job because you can’t be certain your business will work out, or you’re afraid to start, afraid to put yourself out there, afraid to go for that thing you want, how long are you willing to settle and keep your dreams as dreams?

You can’t have certainty. No one can. Neither could the people you view as successful when they took the first step.

But if you’re at the end looking back, you might be certain that you’ll wish you had taken the leap.

And when you do take the leap, you might find you still have one regret like many do, and that is that you didn’t do it sooner.

So while I can’t offer you certainty of things working out one way or another, I can tell you that no one can change your life the way you can right now, and I’m pretty certain we only get the one.

Why wait?

Do the thing.


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