Price shoppers


“I just keep getting price shoppers!”

“All anyone cares about is the price!”

“I can’t raise my prices, the competition is charging peanuts as it is and people just won’t pay more!”

Ever felt that way?

Sometimes trainers I speak to feel annoyed when people call and all they seem to care about is the price.

It’s frustrating when we feel like that’s all the other person cares about.

Sometimes, people are dodgy.

But most the time? I think price is just the first thing they think of when they want more info in genera, and we want people who do their research and put care into the decision, right?

Think about it.

When looking to invest in a product or service, you likely shop around a bit before you make your decision and pull out your wallet.

I know I do. I can even put too much time into decisions – one of my goals is to make decisions more quickly!

But we do this because  want to make sure we make the right choice.

Is the right choice always the cheapest option for you?

There’s a lot of truth in the phrase, “you get what you pay for.”

At the same time, the more expensive option isn’t always the best either!

So how do we know how to choose?

At the time of writing this I am looking to have some electrical work done. Technically, any qualified electrician could do the job.

I called three places.

One was rude over the phone..

One was too busy and took a week to call back.

One was a helpful receptionist who answered my questions, reassured me that they have done similar jobs before, booked a time immediately and sent out someone for a free quote.

I had a confirmation text right away.

I then had a reminder text the day the electrician was booked to come and quote.

I then had a text to tell me when he was on his way and that he would be here in about 27 minutes..

He arrived, took his time, was friendly and approachable and more than happy to help with all of our needs.

I looked them up and they have great reviews.

I think it’s obvious which one I would pick – and price has not even come into the equation yet, because with all these factors, it is only one part of organising the service.

And, when I first called, price was the first thing I asked for – not because it’s all I care about – but because I didn’t know what else to really ask first.

People who call you and ask for price may be thinking the same way.

So how to win them over when competition is high?

By standing out as the best with your customer service and showing that your service provides outstanding quality, friendliness, understanding and results.

If you can do this, your reputation will grow as one of the best dog trainers in your area, word of mouth will spread, and you’ll become more in demand, even if you charge more than the rest.

And of course you charge more when you’re that good, right?

To your success,


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