Online Dog Training By Dog Matters

Would you like a well trained dog but you don’t have access to a trainer you trust? Or maybe you’d just prefer to train at home, on your own time? Join Dog Matters Online Dog Training Program.

Anywhere you are in the world and whatever your schedule, if you have the internet, we can help you with our online dog training options. Train at home when YOU have the time and don’t be limited by the time schedule of local options.

Our current programs are listed below.

Start Free

Dog Matters Academy

Get started with our free membership – download free ebooks, PDFs and and receive member perks with Dog Matters Academy.

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Dog Matters Pro

For Dog Business Professionals

Do you run a training business? Or perhaps you’re a qualified dog trainer but you’re just starting out in business?

If you want to start or grow your dog training business, join us over at Dog Matters Pro.

Training Matters

eBook & Video Lesson Bundle

Are you frustrated or even embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour? Jump start your dog’s training and get them to focus and start actually listening (finally!) in just days, instead of struggling for months with your dog still acting like they don’t hear you most of the time.

Get this dog training handbook and bonus video training to show you how. Click here.

Online Dog Training: Puppy Priorities

Puppy Priorities

This short course helps new puppy owners start their puppies the right way. Covering all the priorities like correct socialisation (crucial!), toilet training, preventing destruction, leash walking and crate training.

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Online Dog Training: The Inner Circle

Dog Matters Academy VIP

How would it feel to have your dog listen to you the first time, willingly? How would it feel to know you had ongoing support available form a supportive training community, no matter what you faced with your dog in the future? By joining the VIP Membership with Dog Matters Academy, you’ll always have the support you need for a well mannered dog.

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Online Dog Training: Frantic To Focused

Frantic To Focused

Program For Dog Reactivity

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on walks? Or are they so overly distracted on walks that they just don’t seem to care about you and your commands at all? This is the program for you. This comprehensive course takes you step by step on how to get your dog from a frantic dog to a focused dog on walks. EVEN around other dogs.

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