Keeping Your Dog Cool In the Heat of Summer


With the weather going from one extreme to another, this article aims to give you some tips to help to keep your dog cool during the hottest days, and give them something to keep them busy while you are at work as well.

Doggy Ice Blocks – Freeze a large container (such as an ice cream container) with chicken or beef stock with dog treats and toys inside. Your dog has to lick through the ice to access the treats and / or toys.

Frozen Kongs – Plug the end of the kong with blu-tac and fill with stock and treats and freeze. Remove the blu-tac before giving to your dog.

Clam shell pools – a great idea for a mini pool the perfect size for your dog. Fill with fresh water and encourage your dog to wade or lay down in the water. You can also make large cubes of ice by freezing water in containers and add the ice blocks to the pool to keep it extra cool. Clam shell pools also ensure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water.

Hose games – lots of dogs love to run through or play chase with a hose or sprinkler.

Cooling mats – available from pet supply stores on online – this is a cold mat for your dog to lay on to cool down.

Sand pits – give your dog a designated place to dig so that he stops digging in the garden and at the same time, a cool spot to lay down. Many dogs dig in shady areas to find the cooler dirt. You can put a sand pit in the shade for your dog. Clam shell pools often come in two halves – you can fill one with water and one with sand.

No matter what the weather is doing, always make sure your dog has access to fresh and clean drinking water and shelter.

Don’t push your dog to train in the heat of the middle of the day. Train and walk either early in the morning or late in the afternoon when things have cooled down.





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