How To Stop Nervous Peeing In Puppies Or Dogs


Have you ever had a nervous wee?

No judgement here, it happens. It’s probably easier to talk about our dog’s doing it though.

I recently had a question to the inbox from Ally about her young pup of 14 weeks having this issue. I thought I’d share the tips here since this is a common problem for pups as well as grown up dogs.

So if every time your puppy gets a pat, she lets it go like Elsa in Frozen, try this approach:

Results won’t be instant as part of this involves developing bladder control.

1. Be super calm with her to the point of being boring. A lot of these dogs are getting way over excited over tiny things and need to be encouraged to tone it down rather than any excitement. This is especially important on greetings. When you get home or go to her, ignore her until she is totally calm and then let her come to you. This will also help her confidence.

2. Never scold her for this. It’s involuntary and comes from nervousness. Any raised voice or punishment will make her even more nervous and try to appease you more which leads to more wee and a vicious cycle

3. With your toilet training, try to toilet her (with all this calmness too) before you get more cuddly with her.

4. When she has calmed and you do cuddle or play with her, still don’t get over excited and don’t lean over her or do anything that could intimidate her because this is coming from nerves so even if you’re happily saying hello, if it’s sounding exciting and you’re leaning over her it will be just too much for her and she’ll pee again

This will all also get better with age and practice so you don’t have to do this forever but then again the calm greetings are helpful in general for all dogs too.




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