Frantic To Focused

Your Frantic Dog Can Be A Focused Dog!

Is it possible to train your dog to be focused, calm and happy... in 5 minutes a day?  

Hi, my name is Tenille. I’ve been professionally teaching dog owners like yourself how to train their dogs for over six years.  

In that time, I’ve seen some pretty bad cases - dogs that truly made their owner’s life miserable. And it’s never just the owner that’s suffering - the dog is never a happy camper. Let me let you in on a little secret…  

Dogs never really want to misbehave! 

They only do so when they’re anxious, nervous and well… psychologically unhealthy.  

The good news is - with proper training, this is something you can resolve easily. It will give both you and your dog some much needed peace of mind.  

Now, your case may not be that bad as some that I’ve seen -- but if you’re reading this -- I’m willing to bet that there’s room for improvement in your relationship with your dog. If you feel you can’t manage your dog because it: - chases every bird it sees - doesn’t pay attention when it’s called (or it pretends it doesn’t hear you) - reacts aggressively (or fearfully) to other dogs or people...  

… then you and your dog are likely candidates for a dog training class.  

When Michaela brought Hazel to me, she was frantic and unfocused. In fact she was one of the worst cases I have ever seen. Watch the video to see Hazel's incredible transformation. 

If I could help Michaela and Hazel, I can help you and your dog, too!

But Tenille… Won’t It Get Better On Its Own? 

I get it, we love our dogs and we want to think the best of them.  

However, sometimes, they genuinely need our help… and they have no way to ask us for it.  

Not unlike humans, dogs are creatures of habit. Some habits are useful and healthy… others - not so much. If your dog has been chasing cars and pulling on his leash, he’s not likely to stop without some help from you.  

There’s this funny thing that happens in a dog’s mind -- when a dog chases a car… and then the car ‘runs away’... the dog considers this a victory. In psychological terms - a positive reinforcement. This is why you can bet he’ll do the same thing next time as well.  

To a dog, this looks like the right thing to do and they can’t just stop on their own. A dog needs their owner to show them which habits are useful to have…  

… and which ones will either embarrass you or put your dog in danger for no good reason.  

Now, most dog owners are not professional dog trainers -- and this is where I come in.  

A simple walk with your four-legged friend doesn’t have to be stressful and tiring. With a well-trained dog, you can just go for a peaceful walk.  

The time you spend with your dog should be relaxing, instead of leaving you stressed out almost every time.

Hundreds of Happy Dogs (and Happy Owners)

I work as a dog trainer and behaviourist. That means: - I know what makes your dog tick - I know how your dog thinks - … and I know what motivates your dog and how to use it  

In my years of practice, I've helped hundreds of people and their dogs enjoy their time together.  

Even dogs that are hard to train, dogs that just seem to not want to obey their owner… start behaving like a happy little pup soon enough.  

It might seem like magic to a frustrated dog owner who thinks they’ve tried everything… but it’s actually just a well designed step-by-step process. A dog owner would only need around 5 minutes a day of working with their dog to get really good results.  

After years of applying and improving this process, it has reached a point where it can be used on its own -- even by people, who have never in their life taught a dog to respond to a “come here”.  

Introducing "Frantic to Focused"

This course is designed from scratch to contain everything you need to know about transforming your frantic dog into an obedient friend. You will:  

 - Discover how to “set the stage” for future success - most dog owners skip this step altogether (and nothing works without it)  

 - Find out the simple, but powerful three-part mindset for training your dog (once you get it, you’ll feel like a professional dog trainer)  

 - Learn how to assess your dog’s “distance threshold” and how discovering that threshold can make it much easier to break your dog’s bad habits  

 - Learn how to remove anxiety and stay grounded during your walk from a clinical psychologist (something most of us can use in other areas of our daily lives as well)  

 - How to choose the right equipment for training your dog so it actually works as intended... and is sturdy enough to only have to buy it once  

 - Choose the right reward for your dog (hint - it doesn’t have to be food)  

 - Discover the secret mechanism, by which your dog learns… and how not to accidentally teach your dog the opposite of what you want them to be doing  

 - Find out what are “marker sounds” and “release words” and how they can help your dog learn (also find out which ones work best for your dog)  

 - Discover how to hold your dog’s leash (it’s a simple thing that almost every dog owner does wrong... and it’s a core reason why you can’t control your dog)  

 - Learn how to muzzle train your dog… and how to use the muzzle as nothing more than a safety backup for your own peace of mind)  

 - What to do when the reward you’re offering no longer works  

 - How to train your dog from scratch to obey your commands by only using some gentle leash pressure (never hurts to have one more trick up your sleeve, does it?)  

 - Find out the easy and gentle techniques to “focus train” your dog, even with distractions around  

 - Learn how to do “loose lead walking” and why, surprisingly, it’s actually a much better way of controlling your dog  

 - Discover the philosophy behind the NILIF approach - it works as well as it does because it uses your dog’s basic psychological triggers to produce results (instead of using weird methods that will only confuse your dog)  

 - Discover the magic of “target training” - a training method that dogs enjoy… and which makes you look like a total pro  

 - Find out how “crate training” can help with clingy dogs (and see the difference in comfort for both you and your dog once you apply this method)  

 - Learn the strategies for teaching your dog to respond to each of the essential commands that every dog should know (and a few cool lesser-known ones as well!)  

- Find out the polite way to avoid strangers when you have an easily frightened/aggressive dog  

- Find out what to do when your dog gets triggered and stops responding to your orders  

- Discover how to use the “leave it” command around a dog’s anxiety/aggression trigger  

- A plethora of real life case studies that show you how to put this information to good use  

 … and more (structured in easy to do daily routines that take no more than 5 minutes a day)  

Louise & Archer's Story

"Since starting the course with Archer, things have changed so completely… 

Now we can go for a walk without worrying about what’s going to happen because I know if we come across a scenario where he becomes a bit distracted I’ve got the tools that I need to get him back on track and the good thing about that – he actually listens. 

He’s really responded well and he is much happier and I’m much happier so it’s been a complete win-win. 

I’ve learnt so much… I’m ecstatic. I feel so much more confident now that I know what I need to do, and that it’s broken down and that it’s simple… It’s not complicated."

Louise Stapleton

Join Now And Also Get Awesome Bonuses:

  • Lesson transcripts to download and keep, so you have the entire course in written format
  • Live call replays including a call we had with a psychologist teaching how to manage the feelings at the human end of the leash
  • Facebook group for Dog Matters course students where support is always there for you and we can celebrate our wins together 
  • Post your training videos for feedback - seriously, this bonus is invaluable! Unlimited course access - plenty of time to achieve all your dream dog goals. This bonus may not be around in the future! 
  • I sell programs like this to in person clients for $2000 or more and they are learning the same techniques. Save big by learning online!

Real Success Stories

"When I used to walk with my dog Chloe, it was a nightmare. She reacted to everything: dogs, people, bikes, skateboards and scooters.  

I didn't enjoy coming home from work and walking her because it was just so stressful.  

Now I can walk Chloe any time of the day and I don't worry her becoming frantic and unfocused.  

Recently, Chloe even resisted the urge at my command not to fight with a small dog that was ran up to us without her owner. All I had to do was say two magic words Tenille taught me, "Leave it." And Chloe did. Just. Like. That. We just slowly backed away. No barking, no dogfight. No stress.  

I highly recommend Tenille and her Frantic To Focused program for anyone having problems with their dog.  

The course is fun, educational, and it's also a great value!  

But you can't really put a price on what it means to have a happy dog. "

Karen Barrett & Chloe

"I LOVE this course! I have been working with Beckham for 2 1/2 years using food and never have gotten the response from him that I am getting now. It has given me more confidence and I know that is transferring down the leash to him.

He loves to work and we are both having fun."

Jill H.

“Tenille, I am really excited about this training course! This online model you have is exceptional on many levels. Your videos are well done and very helpful. The videos that we do for homework are great tools for learning. I love that we can go at our own pace, and don’t have to rearrange our schedules or take time off work like you do with weekend dog seminars. I am getting so much more out of this than I thought possible! 

I think it’s so cool that we can have people from all over the world participating in this experience together at the same time! I think this is going to take off and be extremely popular! Thanks for including me!

This Course has been such a help to me with my reactive dog. I have never learned so much or had more success in such a short period of time! This training method really works! Thank you so much !”

Lesa F.

More Happy Users

Ariel's Story

"Halfway through the course, we adopted a rescue dog, Gizmo, and he has been quite reactive to other dogs…. in a few short weeks, he is so much calmer, more focused on me. 

Our weekly walks in town are more enjoyable….dogs leap at fences as we go by, and Gizmo checks in with me to see what to do, and he’s only been with us a month."

Ariel Chaster With Belli & Gizmo

This Program Will Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • You want to increase the bond and strengthen the relationship that you have with your dog
  • You have tried other options and you’re ready to make a change to solve the issue
  • You are open to setting boundaries, saying no and using corrections with your dog if required
  • You are willing to use lots and lots of rewards with your dog and make training FUN

Five Minutes Per Day. That's It. 

This comprehensive program provides simple, balanced minded training for your furry family member.  

Developed from my professional experience with hundreds of dogs, showing real dogs learning in real time, these lessons contain most, if not all that you’ll ever need to know.  

Best of all, the training is designed to fit in a busy schedule. All you need to do is follow the steps I’ve laid out. At home. Nothing complicated. For 5 minutes a day. That might just be as easy as it gets.

Join Now & Save BIG

When you join today, you gain access to the same program that my clients pay upward of $2000 for. Except… you get to use it from the comfort of your own home. To top it off, the course is designed in a way that you’d only need 5 minutes a day for training with your dog.  

It actually isn’t fair to my offline clients that not only do you get to do the course at your own leisure, without sacrificing too much time…  

… but you also get to have it for a fraction of the usual price.  

When you buy now, you will instantly receive access to the complete program - everything you need to make your dog the most calm, loyal and happy pet it can be. 

If within 30 days of the program you aren’t seeing results, simply let us know, show us that you’ve participated and put in the training without results, and we’ll issue a full refund.

Bonus #1 Personal Attention from Me ($497 value)  

I realize that as complete as this course is, I can never think of everything. That’s why I’m offering my time to help you with any problem you might encounter with your dog.  

When you buy the course, you’ll have the ability to post your training videos and ask for my feedback. You get to study at your own pace AND get personal attention from me as well.  

Bonus #2 Private Facebook Group  

For even more ways to contact me (and exchange experiences with other dog owners), you get to join my exclusive Facebook group.  

I look after the group personally to make sure it’s a pleasure to use.  

Bonus #3 Coaching Calls with a Licensed Psychologist ($100 value)  

Birdy O’Sheedy is a psychologist and a fellow dog lover. As a bonus to “Frantic to Focused”, you will receive a recording, where she takes you by the hand and tells you how to handle every aspect of you walking your dog.  

It’s easy for us to think it’s our dogs that need training… but we need it too. The more we learn how to manage our own behavior, the easier it will get to manage our dog as well. Other users report that this training has made them more confident and assertive, which leaks through to other areas of their lives as well.  

Your "Dream Dog" Is Just Within Reach

It doesn’t get easier than that. And yes, the course is an investment - a way smaller investment than if you go to a live trainer…  

… where both the cost and the time spend would be a lot greater.  

Save yourself the trouble and take advantage of this easy, highy effective “5-minutes-a-day” offer. Join our other clients who are already enjoying their happy and healthy dogs. You’re the next in line!  

P.S. Your new friends inside our private Facebook group are anxious to see you!