Get your dog to stop lunging at other dogs!

Learn to calm their reactivity and get them to chill out!

Are you sick of getting home from your walks feeling defeated and upset because of your dog’s behaviour? It’s time to take action NOW. Join Frantic To Focused and stop dog reactivity so that you can get on with life and enjoy walks with your dog.

Learn how to teach your dog to engage with you willingly and happily
Teach your dog how to choose YOU over any distraction, including other dogs.

Learn how dogs think and how best to communicate with them

Learn dog training skills with step by step video lessons and get your timing right

All With Master Dog Trainer,
Tenille Williams

Tenille is an experienced trainer who works with people and their dogs on behaviour problems nearly every day. With dog to dog reactivity being one of the most common issues she works with, she has developed a program that works time and time again to solve dog reactivity and give you the ability to actually enjoy walking your dog, opening up new opportunities for you both.

Join NOW and get the following BONUSES:

40 + Step By Step Training Videos (Value: $1997)

  • Watch training on video run just like a one on one lesson
  • Take lessons on your time, pause and rewatch as needed
  • Comment with other students under each lesson
  • Bonus written lesson transcripts you can download and keep
  • If you were able to hire Tenille to conduct this program one on one it would cost up to $2000

Learn How To Deal With Distractions (Priceless!)


  • What to do when your dog is distracted by cats, birds, squirrels, wheels and other dogs
  • Emergency techniques in case you get caught in a sticky situation
  • How to move on and get back on the success track if your dog has a set back
  • How to increase your value so that your dog actually chooses to see what you would like instead of forgetting you whenever a dog is around!
  • 40+ video lessons and written downloads to keep access to even after the course is over

Louise & Archer’s Story

Since starting the course with Archer, things have changed so completely… Now we can go for a walk without worrying about what’s going to happen because I know if we come across a scenario where he becomes a bit distracted I’ve got the tools that I need to get him back on track and the good thing about that – he actually listens. He’s really responded well and he is much happier and I’m much happier so it’s been a complete win-win. I’ve learnt so much… I’m ecstatic. I feel so much more confident now that I know what I need to do, and that it’s broken down and that it’s simple… It’s not complicated.

Louise Stapleton

Real Success Stories

I came across Tenille while looking online for resources to work with my own dog. Her training tips are practical and her advice is tailored to particularcases. Even though we live in different countries,Tenille was very forthcoming with her feedback and advice via the various channels, including online chat. My dog and I have made great improvements since, and we’re glad to have Tenille on our team.
Jaime Koh


Tenille is wonderful! Even though I have never met her in person, she has helped me immensely via her webcasts where she answered all of my questions. She also competently and patiently answers questions posed to her on her Facebook page about anything and everything related to canine behavior. She’s a true professional and a wonderful human being. Would love to meet her in person. Just one more excellent reason to visit Australia!
Janet Calico

United States

I LOVE this course! I have been working with Beckham for 2 1/2 years using food and never have gotten the response from him that I am getting now. It has given me more confidence and I know that is transferring down the leash to him.

He loves to work and we are both having fun. 

Jill Hall & Beckham

Tenille, I am really excited about this training course!  This online model you have is exceptional on many levels.  Your videos are well done and very helpful.  The videos that we do for homework are great tools for learning.  I love that we can go at our own pace, and don’t have to rearrange our schedules or take time off work like you do with weekend dog seminars.  I am getting so much more out of this than I thought possible! 

I think it’s so cool that we can have people from all over the world participating in this experience together at the same time!  I think this is going to take off and be extremely popular!  Thanks for including me!

This Course has been such a help to me with my reactive dog. I have never learned so much or had more success in such a short period of time! This training method really works! Thank you so much !

Lesa Ford

Hi Tenille… Your knowledge about dogs is just amazing… I had problems with my dog mainly outside when we went for a walk, Hazel (the dog) she just didnt care about a thing I wanted from her she was totaly ignorant just pulling on the leash I was just kind of a ballast on the end of the leash that stopped her from running away… well and her issue with other dogs, it didnt make fun at all outside with her, Hazel was just screaming like being murdered when she saw an other dog… Now we can go for walks together and its just nice… Hazel walks next to me and pays attention, even when we see other dogs 😊… we both are so much happier
Michaela Ziegler


Walking my dog Chloe, was a nightmare, she reacted to everything, dogs, people, bikes, skateboards, scooters etc.

I can now walk Chloe, at any time of day and not worry about coming across any triggers that she will explode at and Chloe is a much calmer dog in general! I have a much better relationship with Chloe, now! We can have more fun and I don’t get frustrated with her anymore!

Yesterday a lady accidentally dropped the lead of her little dog and it came running up to us, I remained calm and told Chloe, to “Leave it” and we backed away slowly until the lady was able to grab her dog that was barking at us! I know if that had been a month earlier, that little dog would have been toast! I actually wanted to do cartwheels! I never thought I could get Chloe, to this point!

I actually look forward to getting home from work and walking her now because we can just walk now and not have the stress of seeing anything that will make her explode! I enjoy her a lot more and we have way more fun together! I am looking forward to how much more we can do and start taking her to fun places again like the beach and lake

I would highly recommend Tenille, and Frantic To Focused to anyone who is having problems with their dog! The course is fun, educational and great value! I don’t think you can really put a price on what it means to have a happy dog 🙂 I would also recommend this course to anyone who has completed NDTF and has not had a whole lot of hands on experience with dogs, I have also just completed the course and it really compliments what we learned and Tenille, also gives you a bigger range of techniques to use that I have found extremely helpful 🙂 I am also a HUGE fan of the way the course is delivered, the video format and how engaging Tenille, is really made all the difference for me and she has a great sense of humor which makes the training FUN!

Karen Barrett & Chloe

Check out the WINS from our Students

Ariel’s Story

Halfway through the course, we adopted a rescue dog, Gizmo, and he has been quite reactive to other dogs…. in a few short weeks, he is so much calmer, more focused on me. Our weekly walks in town are more enjoyable….dogs leap at fences as we go by, and Gizmo checks in with me to see what to do, and he’s only been with us a month.

Ariel Chaster With Belli & Gizmo

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In summary, you get:

One full year’s access to the reactive dog training program with 40+ video lessons, learn at your own pace. Value: $1997
BONUS Training Matters eBook so you have written info to refer back to
BONUS Written transcripts of each lesson to download and keep

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re excited to create a safe and supportive community working together to solve dog reactivity. If within 30 days of the program you aren’t seeing results, simply let us know, show us that you’ve given it your best, and we’ll issue a full refund