Do You Want A Belgian Malinois?


I made this video nearly a year ago and didn’t post it. I just wasn’t that happy with it. It sat on private for 6 months before one day I thought, what the heck, I made it, i’ll post it. I was taken aback by it’s popularity!

The Belgian Malinois temperament is not for the faint of heart but many people admire the belgian malinois breed for their power, speed and agility. There are countless videos on YouTube and Facebook showing them performing in high end dog sports, obedience and protection. They are a very versatile dog!

The purpose of making this video was to show the day to day demeanour and energy of a malinois, to show what it’s like to live with one. I am by no means an expert on the breed, I have owned Envy for three years now and in this video I simply related our experiences with her, what it’s like to live with her and what other people also have to say about the breed.

I purposely let Envy show off her energy and cheeky antics. I copped a bit of flack for that in the YouTube comments by people that don’t have appear to have a sense of humour but I can laugh that off. What are YouTube comments for anyway?

I also found by posting this video that Envy is normal. Hundreds of people commented to say that she was just like their malinois! Her antics are all common for the breed.

It’s important for people to research a breed before buying as it’s a long term commitment. I know from experience that when researching the malinois, it is easy to be romanced by the flashy performances you can find on videos by top trainers that have spent hours every day for a few years to get those results and to think to yourself, “I want that!”

But it is also important to know what it’s really going to be like day in and day out living with such a dog. Do I think you need to be a super trainer to own one? NO! They are a great dog for anyone who is dog savvy and active. Just be aware that they do take a lot of work, time and energy. I get tired just looking at Envy some days.

Of course, I wouldn’t take it back for the world and I couldn’t picture life without her.

Make sure you watch the video for an overview of my experience owning a malinois and feel free to comment below with your experience with the breed too.




  1. Janice Cook

    awesome.she is so full of character. Beautiful precision heel work. Too fast for me.

  2. Kristie Cervantez

    I enjoyed your video very much. I must say, my Black Labrador Retriever, Riley, must be a Malinos in disguise. Life with Riley is very much like life with Envy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Robert Jackson

    Great video. It was nice to see good, and maybe not so good, playful, and high energy behaviors. I think it’s good to see that. I think people that run the gambit of experience level in regards to dog trainers don’t always understand how behavior varies from age, breed, sex, or with people and other pets. I thought your video was entertaining and informative. My favorite moments were when she ate your note card. Hilarious. I was think she was going to do that. I was hoping for it. Then I laughed when she did. Then the very end when you were stepping forward and stopping then turning around with her by your side the entire time. Just great. Keep up the good work.

  4. Meredith Nelson

    That is awesome n very true , they are a magnificent breed but better suited to experiencenced owners really 🙂 was fun to watch


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