What We Can Learn About Email Feedback

Money grabber!!

Yesterday I wrote a post about a refund request I received and what we can learn from it.

What happened was, I woke up and checked my emails and saw the request and the buyer’s reasons for wanting a refund.

Their reasons highlighted a money mindset issue which is very common among dog trainers and in fact among many, many people: Disbelief in what is possible for them.

I’m really passionate about this topic because if these people could just believe what is possible and realise that if others can do it, so can they, their lives would be impacted in significant, positive ways.

When I write to teach, I try to draw on experiences to use those stories to get the message across. Sometimes that inspiration from an experience just really hits and I go with it. That’s how it happened yesterday.

And it’s been my most popular post in a while. I wish I felt that inspired daily!

I used the opportunity to teach five key lessons we can all take from the experience.

One of those lessons was that you can’t please everyone. And another was that people need to work on their money mindset – the beliefs held about money that affect the way they see the world, and ultimately how much money they have in their lives.

So…. ironically….

I had some negative feedback on that very post (among some great positive feedback too).

The top three sentiments were:

  1. What a money grabber!
  2. What a terrible email – you just want me to open it so I see the offer and buy!
  3. This is a marketing post disguised as an analogy

The irony is that the post was 1055 words of valuable, helpful content using a true story ( I don’t make up stories for posts by the way), with one small offer for a paid product contained in the post.

Now this is an offer. There is no trickery or obligation. It’s simply an offer just as much as if we were sitting at a table and I offered you the salt and pepper.

When people are offended by offers, this is another example of money beliefs hindering opportunity.

Let’s break it down and see what we can learn.

1. What a money grabber!

Now in this reply to my email, I admit I am not 100% sure whether the person was referring to me or to the person who binged my content then asked for a refund in the original story. But from experience I feel fairly safe to assume it’s the first one.

So am I money grabber? Interesting term. I’m not afraid to tell you – I want to make money. I am running a business.

By definition, it should be making money. But I can only make money by making offers – those optional, no obligation offers.

An offer is simply telling someone how you can help them and what the price is. I know my audience subscribes for help with their business. So I offer them the options and tell them the price. I can’t reach through the screen and grab their money. They need to willingly purchase when they see the value for themselves.

If they purchase, they can get that help they paid for. If they don’t wish to purchase they could just consume the valuable information in the free post and, well, not purchase.

If you run a business, you should be making offers too!

2. What a terrible email – you just want me to open it so I see the offer and buy! Shame on you.

I try to make my subject lines interesting because getting someone to open an email is half the battle. The other half of the battle is then having them read the whole email.

If this person did read the whole email, I’m afraid they missed the point. A point that could really help them. To tell someone, “shame on you,” for making an offer is interesting. Why should there be any shame around a business owner making an offer to purchase?

Again, money mindset. If you believe that selling is shameful, you are going to have a really hard time selling your own products and services. Please don’t feel shame around selling. All it is is offering a solution to people, something you can help them with, and something you make a living by.

There is no shame in that.

We’re so conditioned to sales being something sleazy or dishonest that we have our guard up. But it doesn’t have to be that way – you can just make an offer and if the customer wants your offer, they’ll take it. Simples!

3. This is a marketing post disguised as an analogy

Storytelling makes for great content and great content helps with marketing and sales. But there’s no trickery – all my stories are true. Analogies are great for teaching.

Again, look at why these feelings come up. We are so on guard against marketing for fear of being tricked. Scammers and sleazy sales people have really put our defences up, it’s understandable.

But don’t let it make you so on guard that you are afraid to be sold to at all. You are in control, only you can decide whether to purchase or not. But what if that purchase could have a massive positive impact on your life and you pass because you are so on guard against sales at all? Protect yourself, but don’t sabotage yourself.

Be open to sincere people who want to help you through both free and paid content. We are out here!

To read the post that sparked all this, check it out here.

Are you ready? It’s time for the offer. Take the above free post and run, or read on if you dare.

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What We Can Learn From A Refund Request

What We Can Learn From A Refund Request

When I checked my emails this morning, I was greeted with a refund request for my famous Program Creation Kit. This request ultimately sparked inspiration for this post which had to happen before I even got out of my pyjamas.

In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s only $37 to purchase and it’s jam-packed with value. Templates are done for you with programs you can tweak and edit to suit your business and offer to your clients right away.

There’s even supporting videos to go with the templates to explain how to get the best out of them. It’s pretty much a mini course that can skyrocket the business of any dog trainer.

My favourite feedback for the kit so far was from Keith who made $8000 in one weekend from what he got in this $37 kit!

Needless to say, this kit is a no-brainer investment.

So why would I get a refund request?

I want to break this down because there are lessons for us all to learn from when we get negative feedback from customers.

Sometimes we learn things we can change about our offer, our marketing or our delivery.

In other cases, we can learn some fascinating things about why people do what they do, the realities of business and building resilience.

Let’s get into it.

  1. Refund requests are a normal part of business. Want to grow your business really big but also want to never receive a complaint, refund request, negative comment or unhappy customer? Sorry, the two go hand in hand. The more people you reach, the more these things will happen. It’s mathematics – there’ll always be a small percentage of these people that come across your content and products. So the more people you reach as you grow bigger, the more this will happen. It’s a rite of passage and a sign of growth. Of course, if you’re getting a high amount, you need to look for areas that need improvement. But even if you’re doing everything right, you can’t please everyone so there’ll always be some of these.
  2. If investing $37 is a big deal to you, you need the kind of help I offer. Imagine that there was no refunds and you found that spending this $37 has left you so short for the week that you are stressed out over it. If you run a dog training business, you can be making an income that affords you to recognise that this is not a lot of money. As your business becomes more successful and you work on your money mindset, what is considered a lot of money changes like a threshold that grows as you do. I can help you slide that scale.
  3. Coincidentally, in this case the whole course was completed before the refund request was sent in. I can see member activity on every course I run. It is always interesting to me that people who complain have either not looked at the content at all, or quickly binged the lot then asked for a refund. This might seem really unfair if this happens to you as a business owner. Have your terms and conditions tight. For higher priced courses, drip out content gradually to prevent theft. Once lessons are delivered in your larger programs there should generally be no refunds, especially if this has taken your time.However, don’t sweat the small stuff. In some cases, like this one, it is not worth fighting and stressing over. I have better things to focus my time and energy on than fighting a refund request of $37.
  4. Low priced offers attract less committed customers. In dog training, online offers and all sorts of products and services, both myself and many others have observed that it’s the lower ticket items that get the less committed people with unrealistic expectations. Yes, it’s a generalisation and not always true. But I see time and time again that when someone finds my content and they’re really committed to their business, they end up in my higher tier program, they take action, get results and don’t complain. Customer service is a breeze at that level.Meanwhile, some people who buy my $37 kit are surprised that I have other offers and everything I can teach in my Masterclass is not included in one cheap deal. I always over deliver so my Program Creation Kit is a bargain for the price, but of course it’s not the same as a full coaching program.
  5. The biggest limitation is the mind. This is the biggest influence on all of the above. The beliefs and mindset of the customer will affect everything they expect, everything they do and all the outcomes they achieve. In this example, the customer said that the prices in the program templates were unrealistic for a dog trainer to charge. And I priced them at the lower end of the scale. This is a mindset block that will stop this person from creating a sustainable living for as long as she holds onto it. Because she believes this to be true, she will not raise her rates which leaves her with the option to chase more and more clients for low fees until she can’t sustain the chase or can’t sustain the energy it requires to deliver that much training every week.

Meanwhile, someone with an open mind spends $37 on this kit, absorbs the information, feels inspired, implements and creates and business that affords them the lifestyle they want while protecting their time and energy so that they don’t have to burn out to get it, like so many trainers do.

The only difference between these two people is their beliefs and mindset.

To the refund requester, I am so grateful to you for inspiring this post that so many people can benefit and learn from.

If you see an opportunity to invest in yourself and grow, embrace it and look at what you can really learn from that, even if it is not the obvious.

And of course, if you want to grab the Program Kit that inspired both an $8000 weekend for one trainer and a, “that’s unrealistic,” refund request from another, you can grab it below and make up your own mind. It is after all, your unique mind that will make the difference.


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Your bill: $20k

Your bill: $20k

How would a tax bill of $20k go for you right now?

No one wants bill shock.

It’s even worse when it’s a large sum of money and you just don’t have the cash.

When it comes to taxes, a lot of trainers are pushing it to the back of their minds to deal with later – every time they think about it.

And then all of a sudden it’s tax-o’clock and panic time!

I don’t recommend that method.
And when it comes to methods I do recommend, I obviously have to remind you that I am not an accountant and that this is not financial advice etc etc. Ok?

But I will tell you that when I have received large tax bills I have found great relief in knowing that the money to pay it is already set aside and ready to go.

On top of that, I also had another account building up a bonus for myself that I can take and use for anything I please.

This is because I use the Profit First System.

There’s a book by it’s creator, Mike Michalowicz, that I highly recommend. Check it out here. 

At first I thought that setting up this system was a bit of a pain but it’s been immensely worth it and I wish I knew about it and used it back when I first started my business.

Many members of my Masterclass have now put it into place as well and it’s changed their business and their relationship with money.

Here’s a review I wrote a while back about using the system – read here

Until next time


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The quiet time of year

The quiet time of year

“I better offer some extra services apart from training. It’s the quiet time of year.”

Is it the quiet time of year for you?

Whether it’s that people are on holiday, they’re spending all their money on other things, the weather is too hot, the weather is too cold, there is no time like the present to find a reason that things won’t work out.

At the time of writing this, it’s December and the lead up to Christmas is on.

And amongst the trainers I speak to I have seen the full spectrum from those who are struggling to find clients and are admitting defeat because it’s the quiet time of year, and those who are having their biggest financial month on record less than half way into the month.

Skip to January. Everyone is recovering from Christmas.

Skip to February. People are busy getting back into the swing of things.

March. Everyone is still broke from the holidays.

April. People are going away for Easter.

May. Okay things are picking up! But oh no the weather is changing.

…. You get the idea.

The difference between those who are barely surviving and those who are thriving is that some focus on excuses and some focus on possibility.

We can create our own economy. We don’t have to run our businesses at the mercy of local trends, holidays or the weather.

We can look for reasons why not or we can look for reasons why.

The truth is whatever we focus on is what we will create more of.

Perhaps this month is the perfect month to run a special promotion. Could you include an expiring special bonus?

If enquiries are low – what can you do to put yourself out there and be found? And how can you incentivise people to take the next step and contact you?

Once they contact you, can you improve your presentation?

If you’re not busy seeing clients, then get busy finding them.

Here’s a free list of 62 ideas to get you started. And don’t forget: you can try them more than once.

Here’s to a prosperous month!


PS Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways that I would love to help you grow your business;

  1. Accept my challenge and choose 3 things from this list to get more clients this week – 62 Proven Ways To Get More Dog Training Clients and DO THEM
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Scared it won’t work out

Scared it won’t work out

When you get into a car or onto a bus, train, airplane or bicycle, can you guarantee you will arrive to your destination safely

You can’t.

What if you refused to go anywhere because of this uncertainty?

You wouldn’t get to experience much in life and you’d still run the risk of tripping on a step or choking on a grape tomorrow anyway…

There’s only one certainty in life and that is that we’re all ending up at the same end point.

Some of us will be lucky to know we’re at the end after a long life, and can look back on our lives, turn to the young hot nurse beside us and tell them the same advice they’ve heard a thousand times before – “go for it.”

I’m not trying to be morbid.

The top regrets of the elderly are the things they didn’t do.

If you’re sticking to your safe job because you can’t be certain your business will work out, or you’re afraid to start, afraid to put yourself out there, afraid to go for that thing you want, how long are you willing to settle and keep your dreams as dreams?

You can’t have certainty. No one can. Neither could the people you view as successful when they took the first step.

But if you’re at the end looking back, you might be certain that you’ll wish you had taken the leap.

And when you do take the leap, you might find you still have one regret like many do, and that is that you didn’t do it sooner.

So while I can’t offer you certainty of things working out one way or another, I can tell you that no one can change your life the way you can right now, and I’m pretty certain we only get the one.

Why wait?

Do the thing.


PS If you want help creating your own certainty by working together on your business and you’re ready to get stuck in, send me a message.

I can help with:

1. The Masterclass business coaching program for dog trainers
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Price shoppers

Price shoppers

“I just keep getting price shoppers!”

“All anyone cares about is the price!”

“I can’t raise my prices, the competition is charging peanuts as it is and people just won’t pay more!”

Ever felt that way?

Sometimes trainers I speak to feel annoyed when people call and all they seem to care about is the price.

It’s frustrating when we feel like that’s all the other person cares about.

Sometimes, people are dodgy.

But most the time? I think price is just the first thing they think of when they want more info in genera, and we want people who do their research and put care into the decision, right?

Think about it.

When looking to invest in a product or service, you likely shop around a bit before you make your decision and pull out your wallet.

I know I do. I can even put too much time into decisions – one of my goals is to make decisions more quickly!

But we do this because  want to make sure we make the right choice.

Is the right choice always the cheapest option for you?

There’s a lot of truth in the phrase, “you get what you pay for.”

At the same time, the more expensive option isn’t always the best either!

So how do we know how to choose?

At the time of writing this I am looking to have some electrical work done. Technically, any qualified electrician could do the job.

I called three places.

One was rude over the phone..

One was too busy and took a week to call back.

One was a helpful receptionist who answered my questions, reassured me that they have done similar jobs before, booked a time immediately and sent out someone for a free quote.

I had a confirmation text right away.

I then had a reminder text the day the electrician was booked to come and quote.

I then had a text to tell me when he was on his way and that he would be here in about 27 minutes..

He arrived, took his time, was friendly and approachable and more than happy to help with all of our needs.

I looked them up and they have great reviews.

I think it’s obvious which one I would pick – and price has not even come into the equation yet, because with all these factors, it is only one part of organising the service.

And, when I first called, price was the first thing I asked for – not because it’s all I care about – but because I didn’t know what else to really ask first.

People who call you and ask for price may be thinking the same way.

So how to win them over when competition is high?

By standing out as the best with your customer service and showing that your service provides outstanding quality, friendliness, understanding and results.

If you can do this, your reputation will grow as one of the best dog trainers in your area, word of mouth will spread, and you’ll become more in demand, even if you charge more than the rest.

And of course you charge more when you’re that good, right?

To your success,


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