Free ebook + submit questions

Free ebook + submit questions

Today I want to highlight my most recent free ebook, the, “Good Dog,” ebook. Amazing name, right?

While it may not be as in depth as some of my other books, this is one of my favourites because it’s all about understanding the way your dog thinks and how to apply this to day to day life.

This is so important because it’s one thing to follow step by step instructions to get your dog to do or not do something, but it’s a much more valuable skill to really understand where these behaviours come from in the first place. 

Additionally, I have made an area where you can submit your dog training questions for me to answer on the page / in my emails – it’s right below the ebook download. 

I’d love to see your questions and feedback!

Access the book download area here

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Why not put a muzzle on your dog?

Why not put a muzzle on your dog?

Why not try muzzle training for your dog?

You may say, “I don’t need to – my dog isn’t aggressive.”

But could there be other reasons to teach your dog to accept a muzzle?

There’s a stigma around muzzles and people are put off from trying them, even if their dog does show some aggression. 

So why would we want to muzzle a dog who doesn’t really need it? 

It’s true – not every dog really needs a muzzle – but on the other hand, you never know when you might need one. 

Click here to view my video on muzzle training and why you might want to muzzle train your dog whether they are higher risk or not. 

It could be another useful training skill to have up your sleeve.


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Transform your dog with the basics

Transform your dog with the basics

So often trainers over-complicate things but really, so much of the gold results is in getting the foundations right.

When you’re facing a problem you would like to solve, ask, is there anything in the foundations that we haven’t kept up with? The answer is often there.

I think the most important foundations are:

– Come when called
– Have a communication system that is clear
– Place training and stay
– Focus. Because with focus, anything else becomes easier.

Do you have these foundations in place? What do you need to work on the most with your dog?

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Puppy season

Puppy season

It’s always puppy season here at Dog Matters!

If you know a someone who is getting a new puppy, or you are yourself and you would like to make sure you cover the important priorities so that your puppy develops into the best dog they can be, grab the Puppy Priorities short course here. 

In it I cover all the puppy-hood essentials like correct socialisation – why and how to do it safely, toilet and crate training, stopping puppy biting and mouthing, prevent chewing and destruction, getting your puppy used to the leash and more. You can register here

If you want to continue to train up your pup or adult dog, you can join the full Dog Matters Academy and train your dog from any stage to a dream dog.

Inside, you can start with the puppy program and progress to, “Oh, Behave!”

Oh Behave is the full manners and obedience course for dogs of all ages. Not only will you learn the classic obedience commands but also learn how dogs learn, manners training, useful skills around the home, leash skills, socialisation skills are even tricks. It’s training that’s fun for both you and your dog and you’ll come away not only with a well behaved dog who listens to you, but a better understanding and way to communicate with any dog you ever own.  Join here. 

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Are you still struggling with leash pulling?

Are you still struggling with leash pulling?

Time and time again, I see people online trying to figure out the secret to stop their dog pulling on the leash.

They’ve tried gadgets and gizmos a plenty, as The Little Mermaid would say…

They’ve tried changing directions.
They’ve tried standing still.
They’ve tried luring with treats.

Why does their dog still pull?

Is this something you’re struggling with, ?

The thing is, it could be a combination of using tools that don’t offer the best help, using techniques incorrectly or guessing them, or poor timing.

While loose lead walking isn’t rocket science, there are a few things that need to be going right at once. And there’s definitely a few things that you need to stop doing – like following the dog a single inch when the lead has any tension in it at all. Do that, and you’re directly rewarding the pulling, making the behaviour stronger.

And while you might think, “easy for you to say,” I want you to know that my only advantage is being taught the right skills and practice. I used to struggling with achieving loose lead walking too!

If you want to learn the right combination of timing, tool and technique for your dog and stop leash pulling for good, you can start with the free section in the Dog Matters Academy….

….but if you want to address the whole picture of your dog’s pulling and other undesirable behaviour, I recommend taking my signature program,  Frantic To Focused ← you can either buy FTF as a once off or join the Academy premium and get access to this program and all my others for one low monthly payment. Get all the details here

It’s a program that enables you to have the joyful relationship with your dog that you know you’re meant to have. Plus if you’re in the premium Academy membership, I’ll be right by your side in the member’s only group to give you feedback and answer your questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Do you use markers in training? How many? Or are you reading this asking, “Tenille, what the heck is a marker?!”

In today’s quick video I explain three types of markers we use in training and what they mean to your dog. Why use markers? Clarity! It’s the best way to make it clearer to your dog what you want them to do.

Click here to watch the video and comment if you have any questions

Marker training is used in zoos, aquariums, circuses, training facilities and research centres around the world. And it’s no coincidence – it really does help with our communication with our animals (not just dogs!) immensely.

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PS If you want to learn more about marker training and how to apply it through different skills and challenges, you’ll want to get into the Dog Matters Academy. Start free or get stuck right into premium for one low monthly fee, cancel any time. See all the details here