Are you still struggling with leash pulling?


Time and time again, I see people online trying to figure out the secret to stop their dog pulling on the leash.

They’ve tried gadgets and gizmos a plenty, as The Little Mermaid would say…

They’ve tried changing directions.
They’ve tried standing still.
They’ve tried luring with treats.

Why does their dog still pull?

Is this something you’re struggling with, ?

The thing is, it could be a combination of using tools that don’t offer the best help, using techniques incorrectly or guessing them, or poor timing.

While loose lead walking isn’t rocket science, there are a few things that need to be going right at once. And there’s definitely a few things that you need to stop doing – like following the dog a single inch when the lead has any tension in it at all. Do that, and you’re directly rewarding the pulling, making the behaviour stronger.

And while you might think, “easy for you to say,” I want you to know that my only advantage is being taught the right skills and practice. I used to struggling with achieving loose lead walking too!

If you want to learn the right combination of timing, tool and technique for your dog and stop leash pulling for good, you can start with the free section in the Dog Matters Academy….

….but if you want to address the whole picture of your dog’s pulling and other undesirable behaviour, I recommend taking my signature program,  Frantic To Focused ← you can either buy FTF as a once off or join the Academy premium and get access to this program and all my others for one low monthly payment. Get all the details here

It’s a program that enables you to have the joyful relationship with your dog that you know you’re meant to have. Plus if you’re in the premium Academy membership, I’ll be right by your side in the member’s only group to give you feedback and answer your questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Woofs and wags





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