5  Things You Could Be Doing That Actually Make Your Dog Behave Worse!

1. Having a party when you get home.

Do you leap on your dog like a 5 year old arriving to Disneyland each time you arrive home? This can actually create anxiety in your dog including separation anxiety. Not only that but it highly encourages jumping up and mouthing.

2. Sending mixed messages

Is your dog allowed on the couch sometimes and told off other times? Dogs need clear communication, otherwise you’ll confuse them every time you say they can and every time you say they can’t. Instead, have a command for each and stick with it. You don’t want your dog to think you’re a crazy person.

3. Accidental rewards

It happens ALL the time and we often don’t know we’re doing it. But do you touch your dog with they do something you don’t like? Talk to them? Make eye contact? All of these are rewards so if your dog is doing something you don’t like at the time, don’t do any of these!

4. Talking too much

This is another one that comes down to clarity. You can talk to your dog as much as you like, but make sure each sound has a clear meaning that you’ve taught. Feedback is important, but only if it makes sense to your dog.

5. Shouting every command

Dogs have better hearing than you. If your dog truly knows a command, you can say it in a nice normal tone, just as I’m sure you do when you ask your husband 😉

Kidding aside, if they don’t know a command in a normal tone and you need to shout it, they don’t truly know it and they’re guessing at best, often getting quite anxious over why you’re yelling again!

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