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Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Your dog drags you down the street on your walks, nearly tearing your arm from it’s socket…
  • Or your dog is good at home but barks and lunges at other dogs on walks
  • Is your dog or new pup howling when you leave or keeping you up at night?
  • Do you just wish your dog would listen to you, even around distractions?

Instead, would you love it if you could just trust your dog more so that they could have more freedom in and out of the house? Whether you have a new puppy and want to make sure you get it right and nip problems in the bud, or if you have an adult dog with a behaviour problem, we can help.

For a dog that:

  • Walks politely by your side with a loose leash, even around other dogs and distractions
  • Comes when called, first time every time
  • Is well mannered around the house and family
  • Knows not to jump on people or push through doorways and won’t destroy your belongings
  • Listens to you and what you want, even if you’re out and around distractions

Contact us right now to arrange dog training in Bundaberg or choose to get an online dog training program and train at home when you have time.

Paw_Print_RGB  Puppy Problems

Do you have a new puppy that is cute but driving you crazy? Toilet training, separation anxiety, chewing and destruction, howling…. The list goes on! What if puppy raising was made easy with simple programs you could follow at home and one on one support so that puppy raising became fun again and you knew that you were raising your puppy the right way? This is where we come in.

Paw_Print_RGB Distance Learning Programs

We want to help you no matter where you live. We conduct distance learning programs over Skype and send you video lessons and homework to keep you on track to get the desired result you’re looking for. If you’d like to apply for distance learning, fill in the contact form

Paw_Print_RGB  Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Are you frustrated that you can’t just go on a walk without the pulling, barking, lunging and even screaming whenever your dog sees another dog? Would you prefer to be able to enjoy a relaxed walk together on a loose lead no matter what your dog sees? It’s possible! Being the most common issue we see, we have a lot of experience turning your walk from a nightmare into a dream.

Paw_Print_RGB Chewing and Destruction

Does your dog rip up your house or yard whenever you’re not around? We can help you be able to trust your dog alone so that you no longer have to worry about coming home to what looks like a crime scene. Whether you have a puppy chewing problem or some major destruction being caused by an adult dog, we can come to you and work out why it’s happening and how to fix it.

Amazing. Can not recommend enough. With a beagle puppy and three small children I needed some major help. With Dog Matters help, and after only having 3 sessions so far we already have a fantastic puppy. I have so much more confidence when training my puppy. Dog Matters has not only helped to change my puppy, but my family.

Angela Schulz

In Home Lessons – We Come To You

If you’re after dog training in Bundaberg, you can train in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits. This not only benefits you, but also sets your dog up for success by starting off with less distractions to learn around. As training progresses, a variety of convenient training locations close to you can be used.

Proven Formula For Success

We want to make sure that you get the results that you’re after. We have a range of programs designed to achieve your goals with your dog either in person or by distance learning. By working together on your goals, you and your dog are both set up for ongoing success.

Happy Clients & Success Stories

My ridiculously problematic staffy is a completely different dog Truly amazing results!

Loren Juers

Tenille is a wonderful trainer and has the very best training methods I have ever seen

Jill Downs

Tenille was wonderful with our two dogs during a private session at our home and was able to address every issue we had with them.

– Lauren Hart

I had many a new puppy owner questions and worries but she made feel very at easy and answered all my questions.

– Sarah Littler

A Before And After

This is Shelby. When her owners came to us for help, Shelby was already several years old and well ingrained in this habit. We can help people with all sorts of dogs, any age and every breed. Can we help you to achieve this sort of change with your dog too?

We Teach People To Train Their Dogs

At Dog Matters, we want you to be involved in the training process so that you can continue on successfully when our one on one time together has come to a close. So we teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog and improve your relationship, while solving unwanted behaviours, and staying on top things. Here’s one of our many happy clients, Kay, describing her experience with Dog Matters.

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